Portable Dreams

I gestured to the little brief case Wilbear was holding,  “are these papers for work? I asked.  “No, these are my dreams” he replied.  “I can carry them wherever I go, wherever you go, where ever WE go”.

Portable dreams;  this was thought provoking.

He was essentially flexible and adaptable to my needs and my leadership.  If Wilbear’s happiness was dependent on preconceived ideas  to live on a big farm or ranch, a tree house, or in a castle- if that was the only way he could be happy… he would fail at happiness.    BUT  with his portable dreams he can be happy anywhere.   He can be happy anywhere I am.  

I tilt my head to the right (babygirl thinking pose) and ponder: are my dreams portable?  Yes; my focus is making O/our home life a success.  I can be happy anywhere.  I can follow my husband anywhere and be happy.

I like adaptability as a character trait- caring more for him than myself, no preconceived ideas about lifestyle, or the conditions he provides for me.  Wait- I did have preconceived ideas about lifestyle.  I was bombarded with Images, thoughts, wants.  WE went that path.   We tried to be rigid according to the many ideas that are out there.

Some preconceived ideas are okay; what made the difference was we were NOT inflexible.  When we try to have rigid roles no matter the circumstance it gets chaotic.  We tried that and it did not work.

In O/our relationship adaptability can offer the ability for each of us to grow and change O/our roles according to what is going on at the time.

Continuous flow.

In my case S stands for support.

This is dedicated to those who pee on themselves.







5 thoughts on “Portable Dreams

  1. I saw that!!!! The pee remark.

  2. When I married HH I had his wedding band engraved with the scripture: Whither thou goest; I will go. I think in my 20’s I thought that was submissive. Flexible. He was the leader. But in practice, those were cute words only. Not a relationship motto I really was going to live by.

    The real work of surrendering self to US has been carved out through tragedy, heartache, and troubled seas. I think it remains a daily struggle for me to give my happiness over to less than my very structured plan.

    Makes me wonder by what formula I am defining happiness. Through what lens.

    Will probably ponder a post on this concept. Very thought provoking.

  3. I love this! Wilbear is SO wise.
    Thought provoking indeed.

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