Taboo Stuffie Love

All my children and general hospital…no. this is Bold and Beautiful stuffie stories


This is a story of why you don’t let a car monkey in the house. It is a PG story. Pony porn NO. Squirrel porn is the line people!

DB got to go to the zoo with us and so he had to switch vehicles. When we got home I took DB in the house instead of returning him to his proper vehicle. BIG MISTAKE He got to hang out on the bed with the other stuffies for two days and Sunday night is when I realized we had a situation. DB got rather attached to a certain large pony and did not want to loosen his monkey death grip on her. This was not going to work. Their love was doomed! He is a car monkey and she a house pony. This shit can’t happen!!!

I apprised Daddy of the dire situation and he immediately had a solution. Daddy…

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5 thoughts on “Taboo Stuffie Love

  1. Hello SLD! Welcome back! ❤

    P.S. Did you still want to contribute to my “A Woman’s Point of View” series… about female submission in the BDSM lifestyle and its many, many incredible benefits? 🙂

  2. Lol! The tension that was created by where this cut off – I just had to know what happened next!


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