Ritz Cracker Math

You should know that weeks ago I already determined, based on actual intake, that 6 ritz crackers along with cheese and meat is the perfect snack.  Perfect in that it does not leave you too full or leave you hungry either.

Today I reached into the ritz cracker box and there were 3 ritz crackers in the wrapper.

I had to open a new package.

This led to questions about who determines the amount of ritz crackers in the package or in the BOX?  Apparently this is important enough that my brain stays with this line of questioning.  It gets interesting but I move into solving mode.  I determine it must be based on weight.  Well that was very BIG of me.


11 thoughts on “Ritz Cracker Math

  1. Hmmm, it doesn’t have anything to do with cracker consumers? Which leads to my next three line of questions:

    #1 — what size is the box or should the box be?

    #2 — what size is the space on the shelves, in both stores and kitchens, for these boxes?

    And #3 — how many cracker consumers are in one kitchen or one store?

    Riddle me those!? 😛

  2. Maybe you should etend your experiment by going plus/minus one cracker in your snack analysis and then extrapolate the number of crackers left or not.

  3. I want to know if there are the same number of cracker in each sleeve, cause I make peanut butter, mustard, and cheese crackers, which takes 2 each and it never works out.

  4. What if they are chocolate covered? I think you would NEED more than 6!

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