Big logic flaw #5

Reckless driving causes more wrecks.  Wouldn’t it cause less?  Just saying



8 thoughts on “Big logic flaw #5

  1. Wreck….less. Makes perfect sense.

  2. Bwahahahaha! Ahh, damn English language and diction! Such a wreckless form of communication I say!!! 😉

  3. I’m struggling to disagree with this.


  4. Greetings. Following your advice, I stopped trying to object. Homonyms, words of double/triple meaning and comparable humour, really enjoyable! I often envy other writers to use them, and can’t help reproaching myself my laziness to look for them myself. But then, I’m also proud of myself when I happen to find a similarity without having expressly looked for it!

    • Words are fun…You sound like a fellow grammarian😋. Hello

      • I looked up the meaning of ‘grammarian’ to be sure. Well, I’m certainly not an expert, but I like to discover new things, not only in my own language. English is not my mother tongue,
        I like the word FUN you used; because I can have fun admiring beautiful expressions, metaphores as well. So please go on writing. Cheers!

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