Tora Princess

YOU ARE a good friend. We need our little time and we need our other time time. I have found you are there for both. And you will understand what I just said. That is the wonderful part. So this poly thing: brilliant. and about the best friend- cultivate. I have found the best times are those spend investing. I don’t think it would have worked better if we met at the library cuz someone would be shhhoshing us. You are a giggle factory.

You are amazing. Β aka amazeballs

my comment would not post so I just wrote a post.


i officially declare a polka dot in your name…it is like naming a star …trust me


7 thoughts on “Tora Princess

  1. aww I didn’t even realize this was a post. it came in my email. πŸ˜‰
    too many giggles for a library UNLESS we stay in the kids section
    My very own polka dot!!!!!
    i feel lots better ❀

  2. Polka dots are copyrighted. Now we can name one TP.

  3. Naming a polka dot!
    I love the Little System of Honours! πŸ’–


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