Sock Wars

Every day I ask myself where are my socks.  WHY can’t I find any socks.  I mull about like a drunken zombie moaning and mumbling “sock”.   Those close to me don’t get involved.  They ignore me mostly.  Once in a while someone might ask me what I am doing.  As soon as they hear about socks….bam. they disappear.  Then it happens…I spy the remains of what might be a precious.

OMG a sock!!!   Precious.   Holding it up to the light….

I have learned to limit my time and effort on searching for an exact match.  It makes my life easier.  So No- my socks don’t always match.  I am smart enough to wear boots though.  It is war and I am determined to win.

I mean here I am sitting at work with a sweater dress on and leggings (because tights would be too much like long long socks) and no one is any wiser that I have these little pink socks on under my brand new boots.

I feel like today I won the sock war.



11 thoughts on “Sock Wars

  1. Ok but tights are like the ultimate sock winner because both are always attached.

    I have a bag of misfit socks in my closet. When I need to purge, I put them in the bag, just in case the mate comes back. Just. In. Case. Throwing away single socks is like giving up on the relationship. Hooray have faith in the sock fairy.

    You are brave with mismatches. I also know there is such things as “day olds”. Almost like donuts. But not tasty.

    • Dear funny girl, I agree on the tights…Okay- I confess- I have trouble getting the tights on do one leg isn’t strangling my crotch or something….This is another war I may have to discuss… Obviously I need help. Yes to the bag of misfit socks…I have several…Another topic. I LOVE your giving up on sock/ relationship analogy….Yes and yes….

  2. I hate socks! I always buy new ones, and that doesn’t even help… countless times I have had to go out with different color socks, hidden in shame, in boots… 🙂 haha. Some day I imagine I will have a perfect sock drawer with 100 perfect socks, in pairs!! 🙂

  3. A possible solution the men suggest at my house is all the same socks. I don’t think they understand the impact of cute socks. It’s a mental health issue.

  4. Knee high fuzzy socks!!!!!!

  5. Mr Modigliani

    As long as they don’t have silly monkeys on them. 😉 xo

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