Asshats, DickMonkeys, and TeaBags Oh No

McComments on my blog from the year 2015

  • I am in my mid 40’s, the boss and feared.
  • Oh, and I carry a Miss Piggy purse.
  • Giggling!!!
  • Ohhhhh!!!! McAssHat!!! Lololol. Thats PERFECT! I hate spiders. Daddy aleays has to kill them fast. Sometimes he torments me and says they’re just little and we should let them live. Shudder.
  • OMFG!!! The SOCK MONKEY STOCKINGS!!!!!!!!! I’ll have to respond later to the post. I’ve got to find those stockings!!!
  • And Asshat is such a great word!! Right?
  • Asshatter … Misdickunderstandings….you make me laugh even when you write seriously wonderful stuff. So glad you are in a new place and leaving all the dickmonkeying around behind.
  • I am NOT going to listen to your ass castles. Do not give me that ass castle look. Get your ass castle over here.
  • I should look for something to motivate me. That’s a really good point. I DO really hate all the dick monkeys who populate these venues.
  • Giggles. I agree. I worked in dickmonkey to about 10 conversations this week.
  • Ugh. I hate when Daddies twist words. And why can’t water flavored like TEA be acceptable?
  • And I’m sick of Daddies learning tricks from each other like water consumption for hapless babygirls.
  • And I’m sick of water.

Those are just from Jan- April.  Any guesses who might have made these comments?


15 thoughts on “Asshats, DickMonkeys, and TeaBags Oh No

  1. OH ME ME PICK ME!!!! I know the answer!!! Ok now let me finish reading the list. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. I KNOW the guilty party but as a card carrying Super Villain I can not disclose that name (coughs and looks toward WWA) 😈💕😂😂

  3. I well remember Angel’s campaign for tea flavoured water! 😀


  4. I WON THAT CAMPAIGN!!!! Whatevs.

    I do not think these are all from the same author….

  5. AGREE- and down right sassylicious

  6. You had me at ASSHAT! She’s a winner!!

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