Blog titles from a Princess

She writes fun stuff and relationship stuff.  I have watched her grow and change.  No- not grow up…a real growth.  She is a real person writing about real life.

I thank her for her blog.   #littles #giggleFactor #Friend

Thinking about his perspective of  receiving a gift.  How many times have we received something and thought in our heads “what am I gonna do with this”?

Ending this post with “we do this together” shows insight into the reality of relationships


Brilliant advice.  We can’t forget that stuffies need direction.  

additional tip:search her site for “squirrel”

Please share your comments here on one of your favorite princess post.


4 thoughts on “Blog titles from a Princess

  1. awww thanks! 🙂
    It was nice rereading these. Sometimes I actually make sense. lol

  2. Thank you for introducing me to these sweet posts!


  3. Giggles. Also search “porn”.

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