Dog Mom’s Life 01

I get up earlier- even setting a second alarm in case my live cat alarm is off.    I mean I can coax my cat to crawl back under the covers which is basically like hitting the snooze button.

I wear my converse or tennis shoes rather than try and maneuver a 70lb dog in heels.  I often sport a ponytail too.    I don’t wear as much make up.  Self explanatory.

I carry treats, doggy bags, and have given up my sports car for the time being.   I have been to the pet store more than the clothing store.  My therapist is seeing me every 3 weeks now.  Getting ready to cut the cord. Eeek.  She says I have a Therapy Dog now.  I feel like I have something I needed?  Someone who goes into the world with me when I would otherwise be alone.   A strength who needs my strength.

Stewart Little used to do this.  He would go everywhere with me/with us.  But he went with little.  I spose I needed something to go with BIG.  just a theory.  

One of my birthday presents was a shirt that says #DogMom’sLife.

How does it affect my relationship with My Man?  We live and learn.  We fight and love.   It is like adding another child to a couple who have completely different parenting styles and goals.    I knew this when I embarked.

My Man who is now the doggy daddy has worked hard to be able to afford the kennels, food, fencing, and training for our new guy.  I appreciate him taking on this added responsibility.  He gets up earlier too.  He walks in the rain.  He continues to show me he is Mr. Dependable.






7 thoughts on “Dog Mom’s Life 01

  1. But the real question:
    How does the cat view this relationship?


  2. Makes my heart smile for you ❤️

  3. Dogs are the BEST therapy. They have no snooze and are always up for adventure or ice cream.

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