Sunday Ritual – Naked Frontier



Nearly two years ago I wrote about our nightly ritual. He Never Kissed Me Goodnight

Before D/s most nights he wouldn’t even tell me goodnight. Now it is often my favorite part of the day. Reconnecting skin to skin is intimate and comforting.

I recently read an article in Elephant Journal by Monika Carless  One Simple, Sexy Practice that can Save a Relationship. Read HERE first otherwise spoiler alert….

“Naked cuddling expresses a level of intimacy that can’t always be expressed in words. It’s a way of maintaining closeness that can override problems, because in each others arms there is a safe harbor and a spiritual connection. When we embrace, our auras (energy fields) mingle. We are connected on much more than a physical level.

The touch of skin on skin stimulates nerve endings and results in a feeling that for many is even more satisfying than sex.”

I couldn’t…

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Ritual – Naked Frontier

  1. There’s a lot of truth there, I think. 🙂

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