I am Boring

That is what she said…

So I told my friend I was going to write a post about her.  She replied, “boring post”.  Shortly after  letting me know that  Boring is her middle name.   Excellent “B” is where I will begin.  Some random words I associate with her start with the letter B:

a. Bumpers– I was introduced to this word and shown exactly how they work to keep your bowling ball out of the gutter.  This was also a factor in determining the unbigness of said person.

b. Best- I have seen with my own eyes how she is the best at so many things.  I have never met someone so multi- talented.  I think she can sew while watching t.v, sing, txt, and snack all at the same time.  Yet she can’t seem to eat jelly beans in the bath tub or walk in wedgies.

c. Beautiful- like magic

How do you describe someone who names their purses, cars, and socks?  You just love them.  You hurt for them when they hurt.  You laugh with them.

Someone who has against all odds become a winner.

Sock monkey fanatic, word maker upper, sassy tea connoisseur, and friend to many.

Now please add you B words in the comments.


4 thoughts on “I am Boring

  1. Benevolent – always helping others before herself sometimes to her own detriment ❤️

  2. Blessing – that’s what she is, a blessing!

  3. Bad friend who murders those who give away secrets. Will need help to Bury bodies.

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