You got lucky

You got lucky babe    when I found you.   I had an open heart even after it had been beaten black and blue.

I had belief and hope.  I had the things you wanted to feel and see in yourself.   Wanted someone to see.

I took a risk that day.   I came as me; purple flip flops and a smile that the world could not take.

Terrified yet bold.  I know you can’t see me right now.  The little one who did all those things with you.  The angel, the darling, your girl.  As you detach I loose all my names do I become memories.

This morning I am here.  I am watching the nutria swim around and a mama and her babies.  I see the ripple and the rings get further away from the center.  I am a little and yes I have to be BIG and function when I feel like crying.   I won’t stuff my little.  I won’t leave wilbear.   ( stuff my little- that is funny)

I am funny little, I am a little funny, and I am still me.

You got lucky babe

when I found you.


11 thoughts on “You got lucky

  1. cause you are AWESOME on top of all of that!

  2. 🐌 look a snail, ❤️ was what I was looking for… I’m still here to play with when you want. 😘

  3. @AD Tom pretty song running through my mind_ I got lucky too….

  4. Hugs hugs and more hugs. I agree with Tora- change up what you can. Dog therapy is the best too! ❤️🐶

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